Giving cash to Mongolian herders Joint Event iCafé mit Dr. Markus Dubach (Leiter OMF Schweiz)

Di. 11.5.2021

Beginn um 19.15 Uhr
Abschluss um 20.45 Uhr



Markus Dubach

Tales of a Swiss agronomist

After studying Agronomy at ETH, Dr. Markus Dubach spent 16 years in Mongolia with a Christian organisation. Come and hear what an Agronomist was up to in Mongolia and how his faith influenced his work.

You can join one of three small on-site groups or participate via Zoom. Registration for on-site groups is required (contact Thomas Dubach if you haven't received the Doodle link via e-mail).

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Thomas Dubach

Thomas ist Sekretär und Vize-Präsident der VBG Zürich.

Studium: Elektrotechnik MSc