Herbstweekend - Acting out faith

Fr. 22. bis So. 24.10.2021

Beginn um 18.00 Uhr
Abschluss um 18.00 Uhr

Gruppenhaus Schweizerhof

Alt St. Johann, Dorfstrasse 11

Kosten: Starting from 70.- CHF (weitere Infos)

Taking responsibility in a gospel-centred way

Bible verses don't repair a house roof, sermons don't prevent war and worship songs don't bring about the energy transition: Let's be honest - does faith help us at all to create a better world?
On Sunday I know: What the world needs is Jesus!
On Monday I say: We need education for everyone, direct democracy and vegan canteen food.
So how is my faith related to my daily activities and to the concerns of our society?







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If you have any questions, you can reach us at weekend.zh@vbg.net.


CHF 130.- (employed), CHF 90.- (students), CHF 70.- (erstis)


Registration closes on Friday, 15th of October.


Tabea Bührer

Tabea koordiniert die Ressorts der VBG Zürich.

Studium: Psychologie MSc

Joel Eggler

Irina Forstner

Simon Hintermann

Céline Hofer

Céline koordiniert die Ressorts der VBG Zürich.

Studium: Bauingenieurwissenschaften BSc

Jana-Maria Humbel