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For English speaking students: iCafé! Relaxed, Warm & Welcoming. We welcome all international students to join us to share culture, discuss, get to know some other internationals and Swiss as well!


About VBG Zurich

VBG Zurich is a Christian student group at the University of Zurich and ETH. The group was founded in 1949 with the intention to promote an authentic and thought through Christian lifestyle. VBG is an interdenominational group, which desires to address pressing questions, as well as to discuss ways to live out the Christain faith in everyday life.

iCafé is the english speaking part of VBG Zurich. During the semester it takes place every Thursday from 7.30 to 10.00 pm. We meet at Zeltweg 18 in Zürich (first floor).

Come and have a time of fun and conversation, make new friends and explore questions relevant to life in Switzerland from a Christian perspective! We offer cultural events, movie and discussion groups, bible study groups, and a lot of funny and crazy moments!!


Oktober 2020
Romanian/​Transylvanian night Romanian/Transylvanian night
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
November 2020
Sex Traf­fi­cking, Pro­sti­tu­tion & Jesus — my story Sex Trafficking, Prostitution & Jesus - my story
Monika Lopez
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Flea mar­ket Flea market
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Tech­no­logy and human flou­ris­hing: is tech­no­logy the only hope for a bet­ter tomorrow? Technology and human flourishing: is technology the only hope for a better tomorrow?
Jonathan Mannouch
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Hong­kong night Hongkong night
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Dezember 2020
Justice accor­ding to the Bible Justice according to the Bible
Läetitia Pezzucchi
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
What we usually call love What we usually call love
Susanna Gobbi
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Christ­mas party Christmas party
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Januar 2021
Ice ska­ting Ice skating
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Februar 2021
Board games night Board games night
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Fon­due night Fondue night
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18
Movie night Movie night
19:30-22:00 | Zeltweg 18


Obeth Haab
Cris Achim

I moved to Zurich fairly recently to study medical engineering and it's been great so far. I like traveling and being in nature. I also enjoy photography, music, and interesting conversations. See you at iCafe!

Jonathan Mannouch
Samuel Berchtold
Segun Ogunsola
Simon Gubler
Susanna Gobbi

I am Italian and I like to bring a bit of Italy everywhere I go. I love cooking and learning from other cultures, mixing all the ingredients to get unique dishes. In my daily life, I am a PhD student in Neuroscience applying to social science and medicine, I am fascinated by our mysterious brain and its functioning. Beside cooking, I enjoy spending time with friends, swimming and reading books.

Yueling Wong


For further information, visit http://www.facebook.com/iCafe.Zurich 

You can also contact icafe@vbg.net or Obeth Haab (elizabeth.haab@vbg.net).

Help Us

Do you want to be part of the iCafé-team?

The iCafe-Team consists of volunteers, who want to be part of the VBG-Switzerland and want to make the love of God visible to all. If you want to join us, please don‘t hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to help us financially?

iCafe is financed by little donations from different people all over the world. We believe that God wants us to be here and that His will is to reach as many students as possible. The iCafe-Team is a group of volunteers, who don‘t earn anything. All the donations are invested in the program for the glory of God.

Please send your donations to:

Christlicher Hochschulverein VBG Zürich
Zeltweg 18, 8032 Zürich
IBAN: CH37 0900 0000 8003 8877 2
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